Why Choose Our Business Transcription Services

BIZHUB believe our transcription service rates are the best you’ll find anywhere, as we take our commitment to value very seriously. We take pride in providing you with quality products and services at competitive prices. In some equations the billing setup based on line count as per cost negotiation between Vendor & Clients.

Business Transcription

Business Transcription is the transcribing of any audio or video recording including interviews, webinars, seminars, teleseminars, teleclasses, presentations, workshops, personal notes, meeting notes, conferences, and other items that are used for commercial or professional purposes.

The seminars are usually recorded in the Standard/micro cassettes, audio files, (wav, vox, dss, mp3) Internet, VHS or DAT. All audio is enhanced through analog and digital equipment.

Business Transcription covers almost all fields, right from health care, insurance, airlines to automobiles. It is basically to transcribe conference calls, meetings, seminars and analyst calls. It also stretches its wings to areas like sales meeting, budget planning session and other business conversations. It is about transcribing conference calls with maximum accuracy and high security for confidential contents.

Business Transcription can be divided into different categories:

  • Business Transcription Services for business groups
  • Business Transcriptions for Speakers/Moderators
  • Business Transcriptions of Teleconferences
  • Business Transcription Services for Books/Manuscripts
  • Business Transcription for Medicines and Insurance groups.

Normally the business transcript is kept stored in the transcribing company’s server for twelve months in need of any immediate assistance to their respective clients.

At Bizhub, we help several businesses to transcribe their audio/video content to text. Please Contact us for any questions or comments.